Thank you, Kathy Woodard for these great tips on reupholstering sofas, chairs and even stools.

Furniture is expensive …. Seriously, I could send my kid to a semester of college for what they want for some sofas! Luckily, you don’t always have to go out and buy new. If your existing furniture has good bones and a solid, sturdy frame, chances are you can reupholster it. Think it’s just for the pros? Nope. Here is our round up of projects that prove you can reupholster almost anything! BTW, if all you want is a good tutorial on how to reupholster a chair, head on over to our post on TBD and we got it for you!

Our feature reupholstering project on the right is from Jen at ‘Chronicles of Home’. We figured we would start with the most requested reupholstery tutorial… how to reupholster a sofa! She has several different parts to this project, so be sure to read carefully! Lots of great tips too…

From Brit + Co, learn how to reupholster a thrift store chair in just a few easy steps!

This tutorial is not just about reupholstering though, it’s a whole chair makeover!

This reupholstered foot stool on the right brings back the midcentury charm of this beauty.

From ‘Design Sponge’, this is a simple tutorial, and project!

Bet you didn’t even think of this one!

Learn to reupholster a folding chair with Erin from ‘Design for Mankind’.

From ‘How Joyful’, take an ugly desk chair and make it happy and… well, joyful!

Did ya know? An office chair redo!

Reupholster your patio chairs with this tutorial from ‘The Altered Past’.

Great way to spruce up your outdoor rooms!

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